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Eating & Drinking

  • Best bars in Osaka

    Best Bars in Osaka

    Warmly dubbed “Japan’s Kitchen”, Osaka is known for the culinary scene and booming nightlife. With all the delicious, innovative and imaginative restaurants and dishes, it is no wonder Osaka has some... explore more
  • Enjoy the best matcha latte in Tokyo

    Best Matcha Latte in Tokyo

    Creamy, frothy, earthy and delicious, matcha lattes are made from matcha (green tea) powder mixed together with milk and sugar. Matcha lattes can be enjoyed any time of day and given... explore more
  • Best bars in Kyoto

    Best Bars in Kyoto

    Check out some of the best bars in Kyoto! With a rich history, Kyoto is a mix of both traditional and modern. From the many gardens, Imperial palaces and shrines, the... explore more
  • Best bars in Shinjuku

    Best Bars in Shinjuku, Tokyo

    An endless overabundance of attractions and sights including natural parks, historical sites, shopping and restaurants, Shinjuku is a popular district in Tokyo for both locals and tourists. After days spent touring... explore more
  • Best bars in Shibuya

    Best Bars in Shibuya, Tokyo

    The famous fast-paced hustle and bustle of the Shibuya District is known around the world. From the well-known Shibuya Scramble Crossing to two of the most used and busiest train stations... explore more
  • Manga Cafes in Tokyo

    Manga Cafes in Tokyo

    For Manga lovers, Tokyo offers many Manga cafes throughout the city. Manga cafes are 24-hour internet cafes that allow visitors a comfortable environment to read Manga, engage in video games, TV,... explore more
  • Best Wifi Cafes Tokyo

    Best WIFI cafes in Tokyo to work from

    Whether you are visiting Tokyo for a business trip and need to catch up on work, or are just looking for a place to feel connected, finding a place to plug... explore more
  • Coffee in Tokyos

    Best Coffee in Tokyo

    Drinking coffee in Tokyo is a noteworthy experience for both locals and travelers looking to get their daily dose of caffeine. Rich aromas, crafted beans, old traditional techniques mixed with modern... explore more
  • Enjoy the best breakfast in Tokyo

    Best Breakfast in Tokyo

    Start your day right with the best breakfast in Tokyo. Breakfast here can be traditional Japanese style fare including steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish and Japanese style omelets which tend... explore more
  • We show you How to find a good sushi restaurant in Japan.

    How to Find a Good Sushi Restaurant in Japan

    Sushi is without a doubt the most famous Japanese dish internationally and with good reason. This rice based dish boasts delicious seafood ingredients and is a wonder to the taste buds.... explore more