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Places to Visit in Tokyo

  • Fruit Picking in Japan in autumn

    Tokyo Farmers Markets

    While Tokyo is known for its shopping, for those looking for an alternative to the malls and convenience stores, Tokyo offers many farmers markets, selling fresh and local produce. There are... explore more
  • Daikanyama Coffee Spot


    Dubbed as a hipster hotspot, the “Brooklyn of Tokyo” and notoriously filled with cool locals, Daikanyama is the perfect place to mingle with the true locals and enjoy shopping, dining, of... explore more
  • Kawaguchi

    Lake Kawaguchi

    The second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes, Lake Kawaguchi is located near the southern Yamanashi Prefecture and close to Mount Fuji. It is known to be the second largest in... explore more
  • Best Amusement Parks Tokyo Disney

    5 Best Amusement Parks in Japan

    From thrilling roller coasters to Lego and Hello Kitty, and of course, two of the world’s best Disney Resorts Japan has a multitude of amusement parks to choose from. All throughout... explore more
  • Tokyo Architecture

    Architecture in Tokyo

    From ancient traditional buildings and temples to sky-high towers and modern shapes, the architecture in Tokyo is a feast for the eyes. For architecture buffs and aficionados there is plenty to... explore more
  • Contemporary Art Galleries in Tokyo

    Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Tokyo

    Tokyo is progressive and forward-thinking in many ways and this can be seen in the extensive collection of contemporary art and culture seen in the city. A hub of creativity and... explore more
  • Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

    Yoyogi Park

    One of the most popular and one of the largest parks in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is found in the Shibuya district and near the Meiji Shrine or the Meiji-Jingumae station of... explore more
  • Cat café in Tokyo

    Japan for Cat Lovers

    From Hello Kitty to cat cafes and entire cat islands, Japan is a wonderful place for cat lovers to visit. There are also an array of cat shrines and cat temples... explore more
  • Toyoso Fish Market in Tokyo

    Toyosu Market

    The closure of the Tsukiji Market at the end of 2018 and its and relocation to the new Toyosu market has made some changes to the bustling fish market in Tokyo. The newly... explore more
  • What to do in Omotesando? Our guide explains!

    What to do in Omotesando?

    Omotesando is a prestigious fashion hub and a well-known high street found in the Harajuku district in Tokyo. With stores like Prada, Dior and Louis Vuitton situated along the zelkova tree-lined... explore more