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Things to do in Tokyo

  • Best bars in Shibuya

    Best Bars in Shibuya, Tokyo

    The famous fast-paced hustle and bustle of the Shibuya District is known around the world. From the well-known Shibuya Scramble Crossing to two of the most used and busiest train stations... explore more
  • tips for families traveling in Japan

    Tips for Traveling in Japan with Children

    Japan is a family-friendly destination that is easy to explore with children. It is safe, clean and affordable for families with children of all ages to enjoy. Some planning ahead of... explore more
  • Manga Cafes in Tokyo

    Manga Cafes in Tokyo

    For Manga lovers, Tokyo offers many Manga cafes throughout the city. Manga cafes are 24-hour internet cafes that allow visitors a comfortable environment to read Manga, engage in video games, TV,... explore more
  • Jogging in Tokyo

    Jogging in Tokyo

    For travelers who like to go jogging or running, Tokyo offers some of the best running routes. Many locals, as well as tourists, enjoy the well-designed city layouts and paths that... explore more
  • 5 Things to do in Tokyo with Kids

    5 Things to do in Tokyo with Kids

    Tokyo, at times, can feel like a giant playground for adults and kids alike. From brightly colored lights to entire building devoted to arcade games, it is easy to see why.... explore more
  • 5 things you can only do in japan

    5 Things You Can Only do in Japan

    Japan is filled with endless options, from natural parks to karaoke, museums and busy shopping streets, it is a like giant playground with non-stop possibilities. There is a real mix of... explore more
  • rainy day in tokyo

    Things to do on a rainy day in Tokyo

    Japan is known for its rainy season which falls towards the beginning of June and into mid-July. However, the rainy season in Japan is quite warm, and humid and does not... explore more
  • Shopping malls in Tokyo

    Best Shopping Malls Tokyo

    Tokyo is famously one of the best cities in the world for shopping. Shopping malls in Tokyo, similar to department stores offer shoppers a one-stop shop to purchase many items at... explore more
  • Department store in Tokyo

    Tokyo's Best Department Stores

    Behind all of Tokyo’s department stores is the concept of a one-stop shop. This approach enables shoppers to purchase a variety of items and receive a multitude of services, conveniently all... explore more
  • Outlet malls in Tokyo

    Outlet malls in Tokyo

    Outlet malls in Tokyo offer a very different shopping experience than the city’s fast-paced, crowded shopping in the malls and department stores. The outlets tend to be spacious and often outdoors,... explore more