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Things to do in Tokyo

  • Find the coolest shops with our Shinjuku Shopping Guide.

    Tokyo's Best Shopping Districts

    Known as a place to find almost anything, tourists and locals flock to the various shopping districts in Tokyo on a daily basis to find their desired goods. Ranging from department... explore more
  • Best Wifi Cafes Tokyo

    Best WIFI cafes in Tokyo to work from

    Whether you are visiting Tokyo for a business trip and need to catch up on work, or are just looking for a place to feel connected, finding a place to plug... explore more
  • Coffee in Tokyos

    Best Coffee in Tokyo

    Drinking coffee in Tokyo is a noteworthy experience for both locals and travelers looking to get their daily dose of caffeine. Rich aromas, crafted beans, old traditional techniques mixed with modern... explore more
  • Enjoy the best breakfast in Tokyo

    Best Breakfast in Tokyo

    Start your day right with the best breakfast in Tokyo. Breakfast here can be traditional Japanese style fare including steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish and Japanese style omelets which tend... explore more
  • teamlab-01

    MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM to open in Tokio, Japan. June 21, 2018

    MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM, a spectacular new concept of museum, is opening in June 2018 in Tokio, by teamLab Borderless. The digital art museum, unique in its kind, provides a full-immersion... explore more
  • You can find everything in most interesting shops in Harajuku

    Flea Markets in Tokyo

    Wandering along the glitzy boulevards of Ginza or navigating the tightly packed alleyways of Akihabara, it’s easy to see where Tokyo gains its reputation as an expensive city. Whether you’re living in... explore more
  • A visit in the Edo-Tokyo Museum is recommended for history buffs.

    Best Museums in Tokyo

    Unlike its competitors for the title of the world’s most famous city such as Paris and London, Tokyo is not particularly well-known for its museums. Make no mistake, unlike its globe-conquering... explore more
  • Sumo practice in Tokyo.

    How to Experience Tokyo like a Local

    When visiting Tokyo for the first time it is important to see the famous sites but it is also quite nice to slip away from the tourist haunts for a while... explore more
  • Cheers! Enjoying Japanese Sake.

    Japanese Sake Guide

    Sake is a Japanese rice wine that provides one of the most distinctive flavours in the country. With a long cultural history, this delicious tipple continues to be produced throughout the... explore more
  • Cat Island is definitely one of the Cat Island is definitely one of the Most Unusual Places to Visit in Japan

    Most Unusual Places to Visit in Japan

    The most unusual places to visit in Japan contrast the beautiful temples, traditional customs and stunning landscapes of Japan. Along with longstanding traditions, this country is famous for its innovative technology, incredible... explore more