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Things to do in Tokyo

  • The colorful streets of Harajuku.

    Most interesting shops in Harajuku

    Amid the hundreds of boutiques and quirky stores, we have selected the most interesting shops in Harajuku. A synonymous district of Tokyo, if you haven’t heard of Harajuku yet, once you have visited... explore more
  • The colorful streets of Harajuku.

    Harajuku Girls

    Harajuku Girls have become world famous. Harajuku is a district in Tokyo unlike any other. Spend half a day in Harajuku and you will know exactly what we mean. Here you... explore more
  • Find the coolest shops with our Shinjuku Shopping Guide.

    Shinjuku Shopping Guide

    Shopping in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo is a unique experience. Shinjuku is the perfect place to find the latest high street trends and bargains along with great places to eat.... explore more
  • Ginza in Tokyo

    Ginza Shopping Guide

    Our Ginza shopping guide takes you inside the glimmering city lights of Tokyo to the glamourous district of Ginza. This is the place where Tokyo’s rich and famous gather together at the various... explore more
  • The Tokyo Tower which dominates the skyline of the Minato District

    Tokyo Tower

    The Tokyo Tower dominates the Tokyo skyline. Taking many similarities from the Eifel Tower, the Tokyo Tower is an iconic structure which offers fantastic panoramic views of this buzzing metropolis. Originally constructed... explore more