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Japanese Islands

  • Surfing in Japan

    Surfing in Japan

    Surfing in Japan? Yes! From amateur to novice surfers, Japan is one of the best surf destinations in the world suitable for all levels. While most people may not immediately think... explore more
  • Taketomi Island

    Taketomi Island

    One of the Yaeyama Islands, Taketomi Island is situated on the cost of Ishigaki Island in the Okinawa Prefecture. Although it is a very small island, many travelers make the visit... explore more
  • Cape Hedo

    Cape Hedo (Hedo Misaki)

    Found in Okinawa, on the most northern tip of the island, Cape Hedo, also known as Hedo Misaki offers some of the most beautiful views. The point overlooks both the South... explore more
  • Todoroki Falls

    Todoroki Falls

    One of the many natural wonders in Okinawa, Todoroki Falls are easily accessible waterfalls. Part of what makes the falls so appealing is that they can be easily accessed without hiking.... explore more
  • Fukuoka


    Resting along the northern shore of Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is the capital of Fukuoka Prefecture and the largest city on the island. With a rich history dating back to medieval Japan,... explore more
  • Okinawa


    The most southern prefecture in Japan, Okinawa is made up of several smaller islands found in the southern portion of the Nansei Shoto. Together, these islands span over some one thousand... explore more
  • Visiting Shikoku Island

    Shikoku Island

    Of all of the major islands in Japan, Shikoku is the smallest in size, but what it may lack in geographical size it makes up for in charm. The island itself... explore more
  • Naoshima Art Island

    Naoshima - Art island in Japan

    A unique island town tucked away along the Seto Inland Sea, Naoshima is known as Japan’s “art island” for the many art museums, exhibitions, and installations found in the area. For... explore more
  • View of Mount Fuji

    Hiking in Japan

    Despite its reputation as being the favored spot for anime fans and those seeking a glimpse of the future, Japan is also incredibly popular as a hiking getaway. The mainland of... explore more
  • A Yakushima cedar tree in the woods.


    Unlike the majority of tourist attractions within Japan, the island of Yakushima is not the simplest place to reach. An enchanted subtropical island lying directly between the south-west tip of Japan... explore more