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  • Miyako Odor

    Miyako Odori

    Spring in Japan is notable for a variety of reasons, including the famous cherry blossom season, and in Kyoto, the Miyako Odori is one of the most beautiful celebrations honoring the... explore more
  • Yasaka Koshin-do Temple

    Yasaka Koshin-do Temple

    Located in Kyoto, in the Higashiyama district, the Yasaka Koshin-do Temple, also known as Daikoku-san Kongo-ji Koshin-do can be found. A relatively small temple, it is close to the well-known Kiyomizu... explore more
  • Okazaki Shrine (Rabbit Shrine)

    Okazaki Shrine (Rabbit Shrine)

    The Okazaki Shrine, also known as the Rabbit Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in Kyoto that is dedicated to the kami Susano-no-Mikoto and Kushinadahime-no-Mikoto from Japanese mythology. They had many children,... explore more
  • Arashiyama


    Arashiyama is situated in western Kyoto, situated along the Katsura River – and is ecognized nationally as a historic site and known worldwide as a tranquil and serene place of beauty.... explore more
  • gion in Kyoto


    The historic and traditional entertainment district in Kyoto, Gion refers to the area spanning between Shijo Street and the Kamo-gawa River on the west side and the Yasaka-jinja Shrine on the... explore more
  • Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

    Kiyomizu-dera Temple Kyoto

    Located in Kyoto, the Kiyomizudera Temple is one of the most historic and highly regarded temples in all of Japan. A part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World... explore more
  • The Gardens of the Imperial Palace are one of the most iconic sites in Japan.

    Kyoto Imperial Palace

    One of the most notable attractions in Kyoto, the Imperial Palace was once the home of the Imperial Family. Kyoto was also once the capital of Japan, but when it moved... explore more
  • The Kyoto bamboo forrest is one of the most beautiful places in Japan

    5 Most Instagrammable places in Kyoto

    One of the most beautiful cities in Japan, Kyoto is a dream destination for photographers. Filled with nature, many temples and shrines, a canal, parks and the Geisha district of Gion,... explore more
  • Kyoto has many Family Friendly Hotels

    Best Family Hotels in Kyoto

    Kyoto is a family-friendly destination in Japan and is perhaps best known for its history seen in the Imperial palaces, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines among the natural beauty of the... explore more
  • Kyoto Contemporary Art Galleries

    Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Kyoto

    While most regard Tokyo as the hub of contemporary art in Japan, Kyoto also has a large contemporary art scene that continues to emerge. With the traditional charm of Kyoto, it... explore more