Fruit Picking in Japan

Depending on which season you plan to visit Japan, you may be able to enjoy fruit picking, which is a common activity among both locals and tourists. Based on the time of year different types of fruit will be in season and many farms open their doors allowing visitors to pick fresh fruit and reasonable prices.

The experience of hand-picking fruit in Japan is not only a fun activity but also connected to Japanese culture as fruit is seen as a luxury and is often given as a gesture or gift. Here is everything you need to know about fruit picking in Japan.

Knowing the fruit picking seasons in Japan

Fruit Picking in Japan

In general, from January to May it is strawberry season in Japan. Strawberries are in high demand and fun to pick to enjoy these bright, red berries which vary in size and you may be surprised to see large and small strawberry varieties.

From June to August it is considered peach season when you can pick this juicy fruit. You will also note there are a few different varieties and it is recommended to taste them when they are ripe and in season. From July to October, you will find that it is grape season and you can enjoy a wide array of grape varieties.

June to August in the summer is considered the cherry season, the epitome of summer fruit. Apple picking season falls during October and November in the fall. Enjoy picking large and small apples of different varieties depending on the farm you visit.

Fruits that may be new to you but are common in Japan include the Mikan also known as satsuma oranges are usually picked from October to December Another fruit specific to Japan is the Kaki, known as Japanese persimmons which can be picked in October and November

Knowing where to pick fruit in Japan

There are many orchards and farms that invite visitors and are family-friendly making it an exciting activity to pick fruit with children. Depending on where you are staying and what you’d like to pick you can find farms close to Tokyo or ones that are farther out in the countryside.

How does fruit picking in Japan work?

It depends on which farm you visit, however, the general rule is that you arrive at the farm and pay an entrance fee to come in. Then once you are inside you can pick as much fruit as you want within a certain time period and then some farms will let you take home the fruit, it is often based on weight. The rules can vary based on where you are so always good to check beforehand.

There is nothing as good as fresh fruit picked right off the vine or branch, so enjoy the experience of picking fruit in Japan while visiting. No need to compare apples and oranges, you can enjoy it all, time to start picking!

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