The Best Guided Tours Of Kyoto

Kyoto Japan is an ancient city located on the island of Honshu. It is one of the most culturally significant cities in the world. This popular tourist destination is home to beautiful temples, shrines, and imperial palaces. With so much to see and learn, many visitors opt for guided Kyoto tours of the city’s most interesting sites. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best guided tours of Kyoto for every type of traveler.

Best One-day Guided Tour

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Only have one day to spare in this compelling city? Not getting what you want from other Kyoto day tours? Try this whirlwind Kyoto Arashiyama Insider Walking Tour. You’ll spend four hours wandering through the historic and culture-filled Saga Toriimoto district and Saga-Arashiyama. The main attractions are visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites, like the Tenryu-ji Temple. You’ll finish this walking tour of Kyoto by eating lunch and looking out at the Togetsukyo Bridge. What makes this different from other Kyoto walking tours is the inclusion of admission to the temples you visit and an authentic Kyoto-style lunch.

Best Matcha Tour in Kyoto

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The umami taste of matcha has become a favorite of tea lovers all over the world. If you want to try the real deal, though, the Matcha Green Tea Tour in Kyoto’s Uji Market is for you. With the help of an expert Kyoto tour guide, you’ll follow the journey of matcha from field to market. You’ll even get to participate in the making of matcha. The best in Kyoto food tours finishes with the opportunity to sample teas and matcha-flavored sweets from the matcha capital of the world. Matcha food and drink and matcha making are included in the price of this ultimate Kyoto matcha tour. Lunch is also included.

Most Adventurous Kyoto Tour

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Some travelers would take fast-paced over relaxing when it comes to their vacation. If this sounds like you, the Kyoto Historical Cycling Tour with the Golden Pavilion may pique your interest. You’ll see the absolute best of Kyoto by bike in just three and a half hours. As you pedal back in time on one of the most adventurous day tours in Kyoto, you’ll see and learn about Nijo Castle, Seimei Shrine, the Golden Pavillion, and the Imperial Palace. You’ll also enjoy lunch at a Japanese tea house. This exciting option for Kyoto bike tours includes lunch, water, entrance to the Golden Pavilion, and all the cycling gear you need.

Best Sake Brewery Tour in Kyoto

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Made from fermented rice, sake has almost three times the alcohol content of one beer. Up to the challenge? Take the Sake Brewery Tour in Kyoto. You’ll spend three hours in the sake brewing district of Fushimi learning about this Japanese national beverage. You’ll learn just how the brewers have been crafting this drink for centuries and how to pair it with local cuisine. And your tour certainly wouldn’t be complete without a tasting. The sake tasting and lunch at a local restaurant are included in the cost of one of the best sake tours Kyoto has to offer.

Most Comprehensive Kyoto Tour

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If you have more than a few hours or a day to spend in Kyoto, why not make the most of it? The Kyoto 5-Day Tour Package is sure to give you the best experience of the city. This tour is truly comprehensive, covering the highlights of most of the tours listed above. You’ll try matcha, cycle, visit UNESCO world heritage sites, and more. The tour also includes the added experiences of a 10-course dinner and overnight stays in Kyoto, making it the best in Kyoto foodie tours, cultural tours, adventure tours, and everything in between. Accommodations, entrance fees, and food and tasting costs are included in this incredible tour.

Best Japan Tour Package

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For the traveler with a lot of time who needs lots of places to visit, the 8-Day Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka Tour Package will paint the perfect picture of Japan. In Kyoto, you’ll experience the Arashiyama District and the Pontocho and Gion Shirakawa, sampling the Japanese fish delicacy sashimi. You’ll also see the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and the Great Buddha statue in Tokyo. In Nara and Osaka, you’ll indulge your senses even more through tastings and sites like the Grand Temple. The tour includes the cost of accommodations, food, and entrance fees at hand-picked locations. 

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Whether you’re a first-time visitor or an experienced traveler, taking one of these Kyoto guided tours is a great way to learn more about the city’s history and culture. From trying teas and sake to strolling around the Imperial Palace grounds, there are tours available for all interests.

Your friends at Tourist Japan offer all of the Kyoto tour packages listed above, as well as plenty of other Kyoto tours to suit every time frame, budget, and interest. And if you want to take planning into your own hands, we also write great guides to the area. We have incredibly helpful travel, bar, and hotel guides to Kyoto so you can travel in the know. We also have guides to specific locations, like the Yasaka Koshin-do Temple and the Imperial Palace.

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