5 Things You Can Only Do in Japan

Japan is filled with endless activity options. From natural parks to karaoke, museums, and busy shopping streets, it is a like giant playground with non-stop possibilities. There is a real mix of modern and futuristic progressions muddled with ancient traditions. This amalgamation of contradictions makes for exciting travel and one-of-a-kind type adventures. Make the most of your trip to Japan and experience these 5 things you can only do in Japan.

Visit Cat Island

Welcome cat lovers, it’s really true! There is an island full of cats, so many that they outnumber the people living on the island. Cat Island, also known as Aoshima, is located in the Ehime Prefecture. The island itself is about 1 mile of land and is not even the only island of its kind. There are about 12 islands throughout Japan where felines literally fill the streets. It feels surreal to see so many cats roaming through the island and is certainly an experience you can have only in Japan.


See Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is a quintessential part of Japan, and an awe-inspiring mountain peak, that is actually a volcano. The cone-like shape is visible from many vantage points in the country, each bringing its own unique perspective. It is hard to miss and even on cloudy days, Mount Fuji is visible. From Lake Kawaguchiko, Hakone, or even from Tokyo, this landmark is unique and iconically Japanese. Whether you decide to hike or just admire from a distance, you can only fully appreciate the wonder of Mount Fuji by actually being in Japan. The best way to visit the iconic site is by joining a Mount Fuji tour.

Experience Tsukiji Fish Market

You may have been to other markets around the world, but none will compare to the experience at Tsukiji fish market – now newly opened as Toyosu Market – in Tokyo. Endless, extensive aisles of fish vendors spread out throughout the market, showcasing some of the freshest and best fish and seafood in the world. From the sounds to the smells and the fresh taste of fish, this fish market is an unparalleled experience.

Feel the Cherry Blossom Magic

When they are in bloom, the pink cherry blossoms that fill the Japanese streets and parks are picturesque and almost seem too beautiful to be true. Enchanting and alluring, they are a one-of-a-kind experience and a sight that can only be seen in Japan. From Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka, there are trees throughout, and one should visit them with respect and admiration. Beyond this, this country is the only place you will get to taste cherry blossom ice cream and Sakura-flavored drinks and sweets. All boasting the stunning, bright pink color, cherry blossoms are inherent in the culture, the sites, and the smell, and certainly one thing you can only do in Japan.


Stay in a Capsule Hotel

Travelers all around the world visit hotels, but when looking for hotel accommodations in Japan, capsule hotels are a special and unique option that you can only find in Japan. Rather than standard hotel rooms, guests stay in small capsules or pods and are often given pajamas and slippers. This concept was first developed in Japan and is popular among business travelers. Now, it has become appealing to all types of travelers eager to integrate and experience Japan authentically.