Todoroki Falls

One of the many natural wonders in Okinawa is Todoroki Falls. Part of what makes the falls so appealing is that they can be easily accessed without hiking. Todoroki literally translates to “roaring” in Japanese which is an accurate way to describe this natural wonder. A perfect escape from the city, the flowing water streams are fresh, clean, and invigorating. Beyond, there is also a plunge pool area where visitors can relax and enjoy. Visiting Todoroki Falls is particularly enjoyable in the summer months as it offers a cooling escape from the summer heat. At the same time, in the off-season, the falls are particularly beautiful during the rain and offer a different kind of experience.

Todoroki Falls

How to visit Todoroki Falls

There is a small admission fee to enter Todoroki Falls which you can purchase at the entrance vending machine or in the parking lot. Located off the highway, it is a 5-minute drive from the main road. There are restroom facilities for changing and a few picnic tables surrounding the park area. If visiting via the JR, Todoroko Falls is approximately a 45-minute drive from the JR Isahaya Station.

Todoroki Falls is enjoyable for the whole family and safe for children to swim in as the water is clean, and the pool area is still. For those not interested in hiking, this is still an ideal stop to enjoy the clean, natural, lush surroundings. If you’ve come to Japan in search of the greatest natural beauty, Todoroki Falls will not disappoint. That being said, there’s even more scenery to uncover, and there’s no better way to do this than on one of our nature and wildlife tours!

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