Best Guided Tours of Tokyo

The best way to experience Tokyo’s vibrant and dynamic city is through guided tours that will take you to its most iconic landmarks and hidden gems. From bustling markets to elegant temples, Tokyo Japan has it all. Guided tours in Tokyo allow visitors to learn about the area’s culture and history in a fun and informative way. With so many options available, here is a list of some of the best guided tours of Tokyo!

Best One-day Guided Tour

best guided tours of tokyo

If you only have one day in this exciting city or are looking to see most of the best sites quickly, our Tokyo Sightseeing Tour is sure to please. You’ll spend eight hours walking and ferrying through Tokyo with a local guide. You will visit the Hamarikyu Gardens, Asakusa, the Senso-Ji Temple, and the Akihabara neighborhood. These gorgeous sights are the perfect mix of past and present with plenty of history to learn. The tour price covers the entrance fees to activities, and you’ll have the opportunity to try lunch at a local restaurant. Your traveling party will never be more than eight people, making this one of the most intimate walking tours Tokyo has to offer.

Best Tokyo Food Tour

best tokyo food tour

One of the best parts of traveling to any new place is trying all new kinds of food. If this is what excites you most, you should try the Flavors of Japan 2-Day Tour from Tokyo. On this day tour, Tokyo’s markets and alleys will provide you with unique foods and drinks. These include alcoholic beverages, Japanese coffee, sashimi, green tea, authentic Japanese breakfast, and so much more. Plus, you’ll learn all about them from a guide as you go. Accommodations are included and up to your selection from an exclusive list. All the food you indulge in and tours you take on this flavorful adventure are also part of the price, including a Tokyo fish market tour.

Best Ramen Tour in Tokyo

best guided tours of tokyo ramen

As the birthplace of ramen, Japan is a top destination for noodle lovers worldwide. And what better way to try authentic Japanese ramen than with the Ultimate Ramen Tour in Tokyo? Tasting six mini ramen bowls over three hours, you’re sure to get your fill of this delicious dish. As you taste the ramen, you’ll learn the history and craftsmanship behind the cultural phenomenon from a local food expert. Your tour ticket includes ramen and one drink.

Most Comprehensive Tokyo Tour

best guided tours of tokyo japan

Not sure what to do in Tokyo, or what to focus on? The History of Tokyo Districts 4-Day Tour will allow you to see it all. You’ll see the best of all the tours listed above, including the Nezu Shrine and Yanaka Ginza. You’ll also see different and equally exciting sites, like the Azumabashi Bridge. This tour includes a tasting and soba lunch in Tokyo’s Old Town and accommodations at a Tokyo hotel of your choosing.

Best Japan Food Tour Package

Tokyo desserts food tour

Maybe a food tour of Tokyo or a ramen tour of Tokyo wasn’t enough. Don’t worry -our Flavors of Japan 7-Day Tour Package will satisfy those cravings. Traveling through the food and drink scenes of Tokyo and Kyoto, you’ll experience the culture of Japan with all your senses. You’ll indulge in drinks from the Flower District, desserts from Yanaka, and food from an izakaya restaurant in the ‘Rokku’ area. Most of the food and drink you’ll have on this tour is included in the price. Additionally, it covers your accommodation selection from a handpicked list.

Get in the Know in Tokyo with Tourist Japan!

best guided tours of tokyo

Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s iconic landmarks or discover its hidden gems, there’s nothing like our Tokyo guided tours. Tourist Japan offers a unique chance for visitors to learn about the culture and history of this fantastic metropolis. We provide all the tours above, plus even more Tokyo tours and Tokyo tour packages for travel throughout Japan. And if you’d like to take the reins on traveling, our guides to Tokyo are sure to help. We have a general travel guide, farmer’s market guide, convenience store guide, and even a guide to help you find the best matcha latte in Tokyo.

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