Harajuku Girls

Harajuku Girls have become world famous. Harajuku is a district in Tokyo unlike any other. Spend half a day in Harajuku and you will know exactly what we mean. You’ll find quirky cafes, vibrant fashion designers, and a distinct atmosphere that is difficult to put down in words. A visit to Harajuku will be packed with surprising and unforgettable experiences. And as this district is so unique, it should come as no surprise that Harajuku has developed its own individual style.

What are Harajuku Girls?

Perhaps best known for Gwen Stefani’s backup dancers, the term Harajuku Girls is related to the quirky charisma and vibrant trends of the Harajuku district itself.  Mostly worn by teens and young women, this style has become an iconic look in Tokyo and something that tourists yearn to see. It is often also referred to as Fruits Fashion due to the popular magazine Fruits which promotes all the latest Harajuku trends.

Harajuku trends cover a wide range of styles and tastes. From innovative cyber fashion to Womano, it’s a fusion of authentic Japanese designs and 21st-century boldness. Lolita is perhaps the most famous of the Harajuku styles, with its doll-like dresses that are inspired by the British Victorian and Edwardian periods. When visiting Tokyo it is really fun to meander around the city whilst trying to spot these bold fashion trends.

Where to go to see Harajuku Girls?

In order to soak up the Harajuku culture, there is no better place to go than Harajuku itself. A great starting point is Harajuku Station. From here you can explore the boutiques, cafes, and parks of Harajuku whilst looking out for the season’s trends. Remember, it is not always easy to find people wearing distinct Harajuku clothing, especially if you don’t have an insider guide by your side. Sometimes visitors to Haraujuku are really lucky and on other days they won’t see anyone, it’s just about being in the right place at the right time.

Takashita Dori

Immerse yourself straight into Harajuku culture at Takashita Dori. This is a pedestrian-only street full of fun places to eat and quirky places to shop. Here you are likely to find Harajuku guys and girls hanging out for a bite to eat. Sundays are a particularly popular day for dressing up and taking to the streets of Harajuku.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is a large spacious park that connects visitors to Harajuku Station and the beautiful Meiji Shrine. On a Sunny day, Rockability Boys donned in 1950s rock attire take to the park to showcase their best dancing and singing abilities. Harajuku Girls are often spotted relaxing in the park beneath parasols.

Harajuku Shops

Visit the places where the Harajuku Girls get their clothes from and you have a better chance of seeing them. The famous Takashita Dori street is a good option but also try and ask around the neighborhood in order to uncover the local haunts of these Harajuku fashionistas.

Taking Photographs of Harajuku Girls

Fashion photographers will be in their element in Harajuku. If you wish to get closer with the Harajuku Girls then ask them to pose for a selfie with you. Be sure to always ask before taking photographs. People who dress up in Harajuku enjoy being approached and will almost always oblige to some photographs.

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