Most interesting shops in Harajuku

Amid the hundreds of boutiques and quirky stores, we have selected the most interesting shops in Harajuku. A synonymous district of Tokyo, if you haven’t heard of Harajuku yet, once you have visited Tokyo you will certainly never forget it again.

Harajuku is a district in Tokyo that is well-known for its quirky sub-cultures. It is a vibrant area where visitors can expect to find the wackiest clothing, events and dining experiences. Popular with Japan’s younger generation, this district has a distinct personality and vibrancy that attracts tourists from across the globe. The best way to explore Harajuku is by roaming around its unique range of shops in order to really grasp just what makes this district so special. We’ve compiled the most interesting shops in Harajuku in this list.

The most interesting shops in Harajuku

The streets of Harajuku

We’ve selected a number of the most famous and synonymous stores in Harajuku, but just a wander in the streets of this special shopping district in Tokyo will unravel more great shopping options.

Bunbougu Cafe

Ever found yourself jealous of the kid packs handed out to children at restaurants? Well this quirky café offers fun for all ages. Each coffee table in Bunbougo is filled with pens and an array of stationary for customers to use their creativity as they wish. For a small fee, visitors are given a key to unlock the table drawer and can spend their time doodling away.

Bunbougo Café also boasts a charming library, which is ideal for literary lovers. With such a relaxed atmosphere, Bunbougo Cafe is the perfect place to rest in between shopping.

Boutique Takenoko

Boutique Takenoko may look like a museum of 1980s memorabilia but it is in fact a shop. Life-sized Manekins are covered in the most wondrous outfits of this era and add to the experience. The shop itself rose to Harajuku fame when a number of famous 1980s bands made this boutique their go-to destination for the latest trends.

Today, Boutique Takenoko remains stuck in time with Lolita and punk clothing. It’s a fashion hotspot for the Harajuku youth who are always seeking eccentric outfits, and it really is worth visiting.

Kiddy Land

On the outside it may look like a small average toy shop but Kiddy Land is certainly no ordinary toy store, and is most definitely one of the most interesting shops in Harajuku. Despite its modest exterior, Kiddy Land actually spans across five floors and is jammed packed with toys inspired by 80 of the nation’s most beloved characters from Hello Kitty to Godzilla. Dating back to 1950, this toy store has been a favourite with locals and tourists alike and is a fun way to spend an hour or so.

Kiddy Land Japan


Daiso is a bargain store like no other. Everything in this shop costs just under 1 USD and it is the perfect place to find unique souvenirs and gifts. Situated across three floors, Daiso is a fun 100 yen shop with everything from traditional kitchenware to matcha tea. As it is in the heart of Harajuku’s shopping district, Daiso will be hard to miss due to the amount of people who flock here each day looking for a good deal.


With eccentric designs and an A-list celebrity fan base, Dog is easily one of the most iconic shops in Harajuku and a fashion institution in its own right. The shop itself specialises in innovative clothing with unusual and unforgettable outfits. Dog is a great place for photo snapping and maybe even treating yourself to something a little different.

Over recent years this shop has received notable recognition due to its famous clientele – Lady Gaga in particular. The international superstar gets many of her wacky outfits from this Japanese boutique and her autograph is even positioned on the entrance of the door. If that’s not enough, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are also regular customers.

6% Dokidoki

For bright, bold colours and cutesy Japanese designs, 6% Dokidoki  is the place to be. This adorable boutique is the brainchild of Japanese creative Sebastian Masuda. As visitors enter, they will spot a giant white mouse and large multi-coloured 3D boxes. Of course, this shop has more to offer than the décor. Clothing here is bright, feminine and representative of Japan’s famous pop culture.

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