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Japanese Street Fashion

Japanese street fashion has become iconic around the world with Japanese designers gaining international followings. From geisha tea ceremonies to cosplay expos, Japan manages to embrace the old and the new very well. Surging out of this cultural collision is a rich and diverse fashion scene that is forever changing.

Whilst many Japanese designers take the international catwalks by storm, the street fashion of Japan is what it is all about. With new innovative designs each season, Japan is now home to a very large number of diverse fashion trends that make shopping here a cultural experience in itself.

Fashion Districts of Japan

Tokyo street wear

In order to uncover the latest trends in Japanese street fashion, the country’s best fashion districts can be found in Tokyo. This capital city caters to all tastes and styles and is an ideal place for a day of shopping. Harajuku is easily the city’s most outlandish destination for innovative fashion trends. In this vibrant area, visitors can expect to find anything from cyber fashion to Hello Kitty Accessories.

For high-end couture and department stores galore head to Ginza. This classy district is home to the latest catwalk trends and designers. Unlike Harajuku, Ginza offers slightly more sophisticated versions of the high street trends. Alternatively, Shibuya boasts clothes stores for Japan’s youth culture and is the best place to begin any street fashion adventure.

Japanese Street Fashion Trends


Of all the Harajuku trends, Lolita is one of the most popular. It is a very unique style that combines Edwardian-style dresses with cute and bright accessories. Lolita is a trend that is very different from any other international fashion and one that you are only likely to see in Japan. This style is usually worn by young females and boasts pretty parasols and big hairstyles.


Ojikawa is more commonly known in Japan as Oji girl and is a winter trend that is often seen on the catwalks. The style involves baggy shirts, bow ties, long jackets, tweeds, and baggy trousers. It is a tomboyish style with a smart edge. Ojikawa clothing can be found in many high-street stores and shopping malls across the city.


Another Harajuku trend is Decora. Decora is all about bright, bold clothing and big accessories. Most Decora fashion shops are found in the Harajuku district. Most young people who wear Decora fashion can be identified by the huge amount of clips and bows placed in the fringe. Statement pieces include Hello Kitty and Pokémon accessories complete with body jewels and glitter.

Decora -bold clothing and big accessories


Kawaii is a very new trend on the male fashion scene at the moment. Whilst the girls of Harajuku have such a wide variety of fashion styles, the Harajuku Boys have only just found theirs. Kawaii simply means genderless fashion and it has adorned many Japanese fashion magazines in the past few months. The style is simple, cute, and, could easily be worn by both males and females. This street fashion is increasing in popularity and is one to look out for particularly in Harajuku.

Iconic Stores for Japanese Street Fashion

Though street fashion can be found throughout Japan, there are particular shops that are well known for setting the newest trend. Tokyo is quite easily the trendsetting capital of Japan and boasts a large number of fashion boutiques that are well worth visiting.


For authentic Japanese accessories with a modern twist, this charming Shibuya store has just the thing. Harcoza showcases beautiful jewelry pieces made from natural materials including bonsai trees. The store also has a brilliant collection of clothing and offers a unique ambiance with its playful interior that involves a stage-like changing room.


Located in Shibuya-ku, Bubbles is a great place for shopping for the most recent street fashion trends. This stylish shop sells vintage clothing that dates back to the 1980s and is perfect for those with a little retro nostalgia.


The Japanese fashion scene just wouldn’t be the same with the vibrant outfits at Candy. This vintage store is where city fashionistas go to find and adapt new trends. Set in the heart of the street fashion scene in Shibuya-ku, Candy sells a range of old and new pieces from high-end labels to local names. It’s a ‘cool’ place to shop and one that shouldn’t be missed.

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