Lake Ashi

Sometimes referred to as Hakone Lake or Ashinoko Lake, Lake Ashi or Ashinoko is a picturesque and panoramic lake in the Hakone area. This lake is known for a variety of reasons, one, in particular, is the impressive view of Mount Fuji which can be seen from the scenic lake. The area is also filled with hot springs and as a result of many ryokans as well as a variety of historical attractions.

Location of Lake Ashi

The location of Lake Ashi serves as a connection between Tokyo and Kyoto as it is situated on Tokaido road, the eastern sea route. Due to this placement, there are often boats and ferries in the area because the surroundings are so beautiful. In particular, and most notably there are several cruise and pirate ships that serve as an exciting tourist attraction.

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What to do At Lake Ashi

There are, in fact, four pirate ships in the area that pass between Lake Ashi amidst the panoramic views of Hakone. These ships are true and authentic replicas of real ships from the past. Bright, colorful and reminiscent of historic ships from the 17th, 18th and 19th century from France and Britain. The pirate boats of Lake Ashi are very grand and true to life, creating an exciting glimpse of the past and a unique way to admire the beautiful surroundings. The Lake Ashi pirate ships float through the area and provide a unique vantage point and perspective of the region.

Oftentimes visitors to the region enjoy staying overnight to take in all the natural beauty, and it is easy to do so because there are many ryokans situated along the lakeside. There is also a campsite situated along the lake for those looking to get the full experience and enjoy sleeping lakeside. Lake Hakone also houses the Hakone Shrine which is sometimes referred to as Hakone Gongen.

How to get to Lake Ashi

Joining a tour of Mount Fuji is an excellent way to visit the Lake Hakone region and Lake Ashi as well as see Mount Fuji from one of the best vantage points.