Luggage Storage in Tokyo

If you are looking for easy and affordable solutions for luggage storage in Tokyo, the city has a variety of options to safely store your belongings. This also includes the popular luggage service known as Takuhaibin which offers same-day bag delivery to hotels. Whether you are looking for a quick solution or something to last a few days, check out our list of safe baggage storage options found throughout Tokyo.

Tokyo Airport Luggage Storage

Haneda Airport Tokyo – Luggage Delivery (Takuhaibin)

Whether a short stopover or a longer trip, storing your bags at the airport is an easy solution for luggage storage in Tokyo. Bags can be stored upon arrival, meaning you don’t have to carry them with you into the city.

Please note that, while the following storage services are generally convenient and reliable solutions, their management will not accept any liability as a result of direct or indirect damage to the luggage or its content. Travel insurance is the only way to truly protect yourself in the case of bag theft is travel insurance. Make sure to organize your travel insurance before you depart for Japan. Insuremytrip will help you compare the many different service providers and find you the best deal.

Haneda Airport – Temporary Baggage Storage

In both Terminals of Haneda Airport Tokyo, luggage can be stored for up to two weeks. The bag should not measure more than 300 cm in height, width, and depth, and should weigh less than 30 kg. The storage facility can be found at Terminal 1 in B1F and at Terminal 2 in B1F.

Pricing is based on size. A small bag (less than 120 cm) costs 300 yen. A medium bag (120 cm to 199 cm) costs 600 yen. A large bag (200 cm to 300 cm) costs 900 yen. These prices are per item, per day. It is also worth noting that not all sizes and shapes can be accommodated. The service is available from 06:00-22:30 every day.

Haneda Airport – Luggage Delivery (Takuhaibin)

Also found in Haneda Airport, the Jal Baggage Check offers delivery and transportation of luggage directly to your Tokyo hotel. This unique service also referred to as Takuhaibin, is used frequently in Tokyo to conveniently send luggage or other parcels from one location to another. The service offers same-day delivery exclusively within the Maihama, Odaiba, and Urayasu areas, costing 1000 yen per bag. They are open from 08:30-20:00 and are situated in the Jal Baggage Check Information Center at Haneda Airport. Note this is only a one-way service.

Narita Airport – Temporary Luggage Storage

Several luggage storage options are available at Narita Airport Tokyo, including self-serve coin lockers. The coin-lockers have a use time limit of 8 days, and the basic options cost approximately 500 yen/day. Depending on which locker you choose, a notice will indicate if you will be charged an hourly or daily rate. Extra large lockers are also available for oversized luggage including skis. These cost 1000 yen per 24-hour period. Note that there is no baggage storage option at Terminal 3, so it is advised to use the lockers or storage facility in Terminal 2.

In Terminal 1, lockers can be found at the South Wing first-floor and fourth-floor arrivals and departures. There are additional lockers at the North Wing first and fourth-floor arrivals and departures of Narita Airport Tokyo.

Narita Airport – Luggage Delivery (Takuhaibin)

Luggage delivery offers a simple solution for the one-way transfer of small bags. Several providers within Narita Airport including JAL, ABC, Yamato, and KTC/Sagawa offer this Takuhaibin service with prices based on luggage size and travel distance.

Tokyo Station Luggage Storage

Tokyo japan station storage lockers

Storing bags or suitcases in Tokyo’s train stations is a convenient option for luggage storage. However, while lockers can be found in almost every train station throughout the city, the supply is not always able to meet the high demand. If you’re lucky enough to find a vacant one, make sure to take note of which locker you used to find it again with ease! It can even be helpful to take a photo of your locker to retrace your steps to find it.

Station storage lockers are available in small, medium, and large, and are priced at 300 yen, 500 yen, and 800 yen respectively. These are self-storage lockers that are either coin-operated or use an electronic ticket system. Most luggage lockers offer English instruction details for payment and use. It is important to pay attention to the maximum amount of use time (which can vary depending on the lockers) and note that if your bags exceed the maximum, staff will remove your items.

To find the lockers, follow the signs indicating coin lockers. This often includes an icon symbol for a coin locker. Alternatively, signs can be written in English or Japanese (コインロッカー; Koin Rokkaa).

Tokyo Bus Terminal Luggage Storage

The city’s bus terminal, Yokohama City Air Terminal (Y-CAT) provides a cloakroom service for storing small items and bags. It can be found in lobby 2 and the price is approximately 720 yen per item. Lockers range in size from small, to medium to large and can be accessed with cash or card. Follow the English instructions on how to store bags properly.

Tokyo Bus Terminal Luggage Storage

Tokyo Service Center Luggage Storage

Conveniently found at the Nihonbashi-guchi exit of Tokyo Station, the Tokyo Service Center offers a variety of services for tourists. Most relevant here, they provide both baggage storage and baggage delivery to hotels and airports. Storage options range from small to large bags and are priced between 500 and 800 yen on average. The staff are helpful and ready to offer assistance in English (as well as Chinese and Korean). It is important to note that for security reasons, the staff may search your bag.

The accommodating staff is also happy to answer questions and offer tourist information, directions, and other services. The desk is open from 07:00 until 23:00. The services are provided by Sagawa and can also be found in the Tokyo SkyTree Service Center, Asakusa Kaminarimon Service Center, and the Shinjuku Service Center. Each location offers temporary baggage storage solutions, same-day delivery to hotels, and airport receiving services.

Luggage Storage App – Ecbo

Tokyo is technologically advanced in many areas and its baggage storage sector is no exception. The Ecbo app is focused on offering luggage storage in local shops and cafes at competitive prices to the coin lockers. It is intended to provide an easy service that is flexible, accessible, and user-friendly. Customers must create an account before using the app and can book in advance using a map-location finder which will find the most convenient location. Payments can all be made using a credit card and prices are based on size (300 yen per day for bags under 45 cm and 600 yen for larger bags).

Whether you are using the self-serve lockers, enjoying the convenience of the Takuhaibin luggage delivery service, or using an app to find convenient luggage storage in Tokyo, the options are plentiful and can accommodate most travelers. Once you’ve dumped your bags and your hands are free, it’s time to explore the city on a Tokyo tour! From ramen-hopping to historical explorations, Tourist Japan is ready to make your Tokyo trip an unforgettable one!

If you’re heading to Kyoto next, make sure to prepare ahead by reading through our Kyoto luggage storage guide. Upon arrival in the city, don’t waste any time and head straight to your pre-determined luggage storage spot. Then join us on one of our Kyoto adventures.

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