Most Unusual Places to Visit in Japan

The most unusual places to visit in Japan contrast the beautiful temples, traditional customs and stunning landscapes of Japan. Along with longstanding traditions, this country is famous for its innovative technology, incredible comic book scene, and outrageous fashion trends. Simply put, Japan likes to be different. From cat cafes to cat islands, once you have read this list your trip to Japan will never be the same again.

Cat Island

one of the unsual places to visit: cal island

This destination is exactly how it sounds; an island full of cats. In fact, Japan has around 11 ‘cat islands’ in total. Each island contains hundreds of stray cats which are cared for by the locals and adored by the tourists who flock to see them. One of these islands is Tashirojima which is located close to Ishinomaki City.

Tashirojima Island has four cats to every human that lives here and is easy to access via a ferry. Originally the cats were used as a form of pest control and today they are now the star attraction. The daily ferry drops cat lovers off at either a small village in the North or Nitoda Port to the south. Both areas can be accessed on easy-to-follow walking trails and most of the island’s cat population reside around Nitoda Port.

For families, Tashirojima also has a Manga resort with themed accommodation that makes it the perfect Japanese getaway. There are three ferries each day which operate between Ishinomaki and Tashirojima Island. The trip takes between 45 and 60 minutes and costs around 1230 Yen (11 USD) each way.

Wisteria Tunnel

Unusual yet phenomenal, the Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden is a beautifully designed walkway where visitors can walk beneath a tunnel of wisteria plants. This private garden is set amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Kitakyushu. The main attractions at this garden are the two 100 meter long tunnels of winding wisterias.

These beautiful purple and lilac shades are at their best between late April and early May once they reach full bloom. It is a wonderful place for those hoping to get the best photographs, or, for a peaceful garden walk. Kawachi Wisteria Garden is open between April and May, and, November to early December and the price varies depending on the season.

PL Peace Tower

PL Peace Tower is a wonderful artistic structure located in Tondabayashi in the Osaka region. Difficult to describe in words, this 180-meter tall tower is white in appearance and features a finger-like shape that points high towards the sky. The tower was built as a symbol of world peace and it is part of the Church of Perfect Liberty headquarters.

PL Peace Tower is a clay structure that was crafted in 1970 in memory of all the victims of past wars. The tower also hosts some of the most spectacular firework displays in the country on July 6th and August 1st as part of a ceremony to pray for world peace. 

Yoro Park and the Site of Reversible Destiny

Located within the Gifu Prefecture is Yoro Park and the Site of Reversible Destiny – a place where stunning scenery, family picnics and some of the most unusual sites you will ever see are all rolled into one. Yoro Park is a beautiful green space that encircles Yoro Falls, a charming waterfall that is said to have healing qualities. Once you have taken the short walk to the falls, it’ll be time to explore something a little more outrageous.

The Site of Reversible Destiny is an 18,000-square-meter park designed by one artist and one poet. The site comprises mazes, optical illusions, giant grid like maps and various other fascinating works of art that are unlike any other. The best way to fully understand what this place is all about is by visiting it yourself.

The best time of year to visit is between spring and summer when the weather is at its best. Yoro Park is a ten-minute walk away from Yoro station.

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