The Most Unusual Places to Visit in Tokyo

Japan may be known for being a little outrageous at times but nothing can truly prepare you for Tokyo. Though it may seem like an ordinary buzzing metropolis, Tokyo boasts a distinct personality that it expresses through its nightlife, museums and outlandish fashion sub-cultures. Alongside the city’s temples, gardens and authentic restaurants is something slightly different and ultimately very exciting. Those are the most unusual places to visit in Tokyo:

Meguro Parasitological Museum

For a museum with a difference, Meguro Parasitological Museum certainly ticks all the right boxes. Located in the district of Meguro, this museum is dedicated to displaying a large number of parasites. Those with a weak stomach may be put off this unique museum, however, for those who wish to see something unlike anything else, this is the place.

Meguro Pararasitological Museum is the only place in the world that solely showcases parasites. From parasites that form in animals to those that infect the human body, this museum has a fascinating collection of around 45,000 specimens.

Clone Factory

Clone Factory in Tokyo

With maid cafes and games arcades galore, the vibrant district of Akihabara is certainly no stranger to things out of the ordinary. Making its mark in this exciting neighborhood is Tokyo’s very own Clone Factory. This factory has taken Japan’s innovative technology to the next level by creating software that enables visitors to clone themselves in the form of a small 3D doll.

These dolls are the same size as Barbie dolls and offer an uncanny resemblance to their human. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you an insight into the evolving cloning industry and a unique if not peculiar souvenir – definitely one of the most unusual places to visit in Tokyo.

Robot Restaurant

Tucked away in a basement within the entertainment hub of Shinjuku is a cabaret show full of dancing robots, lasers and scantily dressed women. At Robot Restaurant visitors can expect neon lights, techno music and glow sticks accompanied with bento boxes. Robot Restaurant is also full of family fun with a special matinee performance where children under 12 years old receive complimentary snacks. There are four shows each day which start in the early evening and last around one hour.

Cat Cafes

Cat Cafés are a recent phenomenon in Japan and have become a favorite with locals and tourists alike – this is why they definitely can’t be missed on a list of the most unusual places to visit in Tokyo. There are an astonishing 150 cat cafes in Japan and Tokyo is home to around 40 of them. In case you were thinking otherwise, a Cat Café is exactly how it sounds; a café with cats for cat lovers.

As many people living in the city are not allowed pets in their homes, these cafés offer a comfortable space where customers can experience the love of their feline friends. It is another unique experience and provides a fun twist to the average café.

Cat cafes in Tokyo

Nakagin Capsule Tower

Constructed in 1972 with the vision of setting a new housing trend, Nakagin Capsule Tower is a tower block of small individual capsule apartments. Each of the 140 concrete capsules have been designed so that the apartments are moveable. Though it became the architectural wonder of the moment, today Nakagin Capsule Tower is in need of repair. Despite this, it is unlike any other building in the entire country and visitors can even rent a pod in order to experience its unique interior design in this capsule hotel.

Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty is a Japanese character that was designed in 1974 by the animation company Sanrio. Since then this cute cat character has reached global fame with a TV series and a popular range of Hello Kitty accessories, stationary and homeware. In Tokyo, Hello Kitty is adored by locals and tourists alike with a number of shops dedicated to the Sanrio character.

If this is not enough, Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park based on (you’ve guessed it) Hello Kitty. Here visitors can get pictures with Hello Kitty and her friends and experience themed rides, shops and food. Whether you are familiar with the Sanrio characters or not, Sanrio Puroland is an exciting day out for all ages.

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