Best Wi-Fi Cafes in Tokyo To Work From

Whether you are visiting Tokyo for a business trip and need to catch up on work, or are just looking for a place to feel connected, finding a place to plug in that offers WIFI is important since free WIFI is not as easy to come by in Tokyo as one would expect. Most hotels will offer free wifi, as well as most of the train stations, however, if you are looking for a place to sit and work for a few hours, check out this list of some of the best cafes with wifi in Tokyo to work from.

Tips Before You Go Find Wi-Fi Cafes in Tokyo To Work From

A few words of advice if you are planning to spend time working in a cafe with WIFI in Tokyo

  • Be mindful of busy hours as some of Tokyo’s cafes will not be happy if you are taking up a table to work while others are looking for a place to sit. Similarly, as Tokyo is a very busy city it can be distracting to work in packed cafes full of coffee drinkers looking to get their daily caffeine fix so don’t be surprised when you see crowds.
  • Always try to charge your computer before you go. Electrical outlets can be scarce in Tokyo’s cafes and it is unlikely to plug your computer in, so it is best to either charge before you arrive or bring a portable charger. Or at least check for a plug outlet before you settle in.
Best WIFI cafes in Tokyo to work from

Glitch Coffee and Roasters

Tokyo’s Glitch offers a warm atmosphere and friendly staff, not to mention a great cup of coffee, and is a nice place to sit and get some work done. Glitch takes traditional coffee brewing and roasting to heart with a focus on the preparation of single-origin beans as well as the farming process, cultivation, and purification to deliver the best brew they can. Glitch has ample seating, with small wooden tables and simple chairs and stools, both are comfortable for sitting to get some work done. Big, bright windows allow natural light to pour into the cafe making it warm and one of the best cafes with free WIFI in Tokyo to catch up on some work.

3-16 Kanda Nishikicho | Komura Bldg.1F, Chiyoda 101-0054, Tokyo Prefecture

Cafe Stay Happy

Mellow vibes, hammocks, board games, and free WIFI – Cafe Stay Happy, like its name, encourages customers to feel comfortable and happy. Beyond coffee, Cafe Stay Happy has an extensive menu that is great for vegans and vegetarians. Food is prepared by local, organic farmers and is a mix of Western and Japanese cuisine. This cafe has also become a hot spot for backpackers so it is a nice place to meet other travelers while still mingling with the locals. If you are looking for a relaxed environment with a bohemian vibe, comfortable seating, great food, coffee, and WIFI, be sure to visit Tokyo’s Cafe Stay Happy.

2-29-14 Daizawa | 2f, Setagaya 155-0032, Tokyo Prefecture

Think of Things

Much more than a coffee shop, Think of Things is a lifestyle brand and cafe fused into one. Meticulously organized, the shop is filled with helpful gadgets and neatly designed household and office items. After perusing the shop, find a spot in the cute cafe filled with plenty of seating to get some work done. Grab a cup of coffee and maybe one of their sandwiches as you settle in, WIFI here is free and fast. Think of Things is a unique combination and certainly worth checking out regardless if you need to get work done in Tokyo or not, but if you do bring your computer it is now one of the best cafes with WIFI to work from in Tokyo. Be sure to check out the studio at Think of Things or join their ice coffee workshop.

3 Chome-62-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture

Best WIFI cafes in Tokyo to work from

Bowery Kitchen

Found near the Komazawa Olympic Park, Bowery Kitchen is a casual diner serving a wide variety of Japanese and Western-style dishes along with fresh coffee. The atmosphere is relaxed, and a place where Tokyo locals gather, often local families with children, and the cafe is quite dog-friendly. If you are not easily distracted by the noise, this cafe is a great place to grab a delicious bite while working away and using the high-speed WIFI offered in the cafe. As a reward to yourself, after you finish your work, you can stroll Komazawa Park or rent a bike from the bike rentals near the park to take in the green surroundings of Tokyo.

5-18-7 Komazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo Prefecture

The City Bakery

With several locations throughout Tokyo, The City Bakery is a patisserie that almost makes you feel as though you were in France offering a wide array of baked goods and pastries alongside their coffee drinks. The City Bakery also offers not only WIFI but also an extensive breakfast menu and pressed juices. There is ample seating in these cafes and it is a nice atmosphere to get your laptop out and get some work done. This City Bakery shop is located inside the shopping area of Shinagawa station and is easily accessible. Although there are often a lot of people passing through this cafe, you will still be able to get a table as the City Bakery is certainly one of the best cafes with WIFI in Tokyo to get some work done and the perfect place to catch up on your assignments.

2-18-1 Konan | Atre Shinagawa 2F, Minato 108-0075, Tokyo Prefecture

Alpha Beta Coffee Club

Once a members-only cafe that was only accessible with a subscription, Alpha Beta Coffee Club is now also open to non-members. This neatly designed cafe is intended to be a workspace, offering WIFI, plentiful seating, electronic outlets to plug in, and excellent coffee. Space is clean and simple, a good place to focus amid the aroma of coffee. If you are looking to work here more often, and want to join the membership you can get free WIFI, PowerPoint presentations, storage lockers, and unlimited coffee while you work. Ask the baristas about how to sign up and use the wireless membership card.

152-0035 Meguro Jiyugaoka 2-10-4 Milche Jiyugaoka 3F, Tokyo Prefecture

Nihonbashi Cafest – Cafe x Studio

The decor of this WIFI cafe in Tokyo is inviting and inspiring, a superb working environment. Fresh drip coffee, sandwiches, and desserts are on the menu, the perfect accompaniment to your laptop as you work away. If you have to meet colleagues, the Cafest is a welcoming environment and the space is good for an informal meeting. This is one of the best cafes with WIFI in Tokyo to be productive and get lots of work done before you head out. The surrounding area of Nihonbashi which translates to – Japanese Bridge, north of Ginza offers plenty of shopping and exploring.

1 Chome−5−10, Nihonbashiningyocho, Tokyo Prefecture

Best WIFI cafes in Tokyo to work from

Tried and True Cafes With WiFi To Work From in Tokyo


Those trusty golden arches can be found throughout Tokyo and give a familiar feeling. While the usual menu items like burgers and fries are offered, McDonald’s in Tokyo has some exciting options like teriyaki burgers, ebi (shrimp) Filet-o-fish, and ume (sour plum) fries along with seasonal offerings which are constantly changing. McDonald’s offers plenty of seating and strong WIFI that makes it a great choice to sit for a while, enjoy a quick bite, and get some work done.


Also offering a sense of familiarity to travelers, Starbucks can be found in multiple locations around Tokyo. Starbucks around the world is known for its comfortable seating, pleasant music, a wide variety of coffee drinks – and WIFI. While visiting Starbucks in Tokyo offers the usual drinks that are the same worldwide, there are also interesting seasonal drinks like a Sakura blossom cream latte or a chocolatey banana cocoa drink. Sample some of these unusual coffee drinks while you relax and get to work. Starbucks is a trusty spot and one of the best cafes with WIFI in Tokyo. With so many locations it is easy to find and work away.

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