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Tokyo’s Best Shopping Districts

Known as a place to find almost anything, tourists and locals flock to the various shopping districts in Tokyo on a daily basis to find their desired goods. Ranging from department stores, large-scale malls, and quaint boutiques, Tokyo’s shopping districts are often situated around the major sites of Tokyo which makes it easy to do some sightseeing and shopping all in one day. From the stylish trends of the famous Harajuku girls and boys to high-end luxury items and advanced electronics, shopping in Tokyo has something for everyone. Below is a list of Tokyo’s best shopping districts to help find exactly what you are looking for.

Shopping in Ginza

Tokyo's Best Shopping Districts

Ginza is an upscale shopping district in Tokyo, offering shoppers some high-end department stores and shops. The Ginza shopping district is known for its elegance, chic, high-class, and expensive shops. In fact, it is known worldwide as one of the most luxurious shopping destinations. International brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior can be found here along with several of the flagship stores of fashion powerhouses. The streets of Ginza are even more enjoyable on weekends when the main street is blocked off from traffic making it accessible only to pedestrians. From 12:00 – 17:00 each weekend, this area is known as a pedestrian heaven and an ideal shopping location for those high-end and luxurious trends.

Shopping in Shibuya

Among the bustling and fast-paced streets of Shibuya are some of the coolest, and hippest. fashion styles of all. Perhaps due to the type of stores in the area which are marketed to a younger crowd the area is always trendy and on point. Here in the Shibuya shopping district, you will find a wide array of department stores like ShinQs and the well-established Shibuya 109 which spans 10 floors and over 120 shops where youngsters pick up the latest styles. It is also worth seeing the exterior of Shibuya 109 which is found in between Shibuya station and Shibuya crossing. Even if you are not particularly interested in purchasing contemporary Japanese fashion, it is certainly worth checking out the shops and getting in some good people-watching in Shibuya.

Shopping in Harajuku and Aoyama

Found on the west side of Tokyo, both Harajuku and Aoyama shopping districts offer a plethora of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Harajuku is also known as another center for Japanese youth culture, Japanese street style, and Japanese subculture. Within the Harajuku area, you will find Takeshita Street, which is a crammed hotspot for Japanese stylish teenagers, but worth visiting and observing the culture. Here you will also find some small vintage shops and pick out some classic choices.

In Aoyama, you can find traditional Japanese arts, antiques, and souvenirs as you weave through the streets. Near the Aoyama Itchome subway station is an extensive shop known as Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square offering Japanese arts and crafts. Regardless of what you are shopping for, both the Aoyama and Harajuku shopping districts are worth paying a visit to get a true insight into young Japanese culture and pick up a few goods for yourself.

Tokyo's Best Shopping Districts

Shopping in Omotesando

Very close to Harajuku, you will find neighboring Omotesando which, second to Ginza, is yet another high-end shopping district. In fact, Omotesando has gained a name as Japan’s Champs Elysee reminiscent of the upscale shopping street in Paris, France. Tree-lined streets and pedestrian boulevards make this one of the best shopping districts in Tokyo. Among the streets of the Omotesando area, you will also find many flagship stores of high-end brands. Regardless if you plan to purchase or not, it is certainly worth exploring Omotesando and meandering down the famous street to the well-known Meiji Shrine and a stroll through Yoyogi Park.

Shopping in Shinjuku

You may have heard of Shinjuku in regards to the Shinjuku train station which is one of the busiest railway stations in the world. Just as the train station is crowded, the area of Shinjuku is filled with hoards of people on the go and is always busy. It is worth paying a visit to Shinjuku as it is still one of the best shopping districts in Tokyo, despite the crowds. Here in Shinjuku, you will find a variety of large department stores and two underground shopping malls. Some of the store highlights in Shinjuku include Isetan, Lumine, and MyLord along with international high-street shops like Zara and Forever 21. Don’t let the crowds overwhelm you as you explore the shopping in Shinjuku, the area is a one-stop shop for almost all shopping needs.

Tokyo's Best Shopping Districts

Shopping in Nihonbashi

The business district and epicenter for commerce, Nihonbashi district also boasts a range of shops and one of the best shopping districts in Tokyo. Nihonbashi is a unique Tokyo shopping district as it is a fusion of older well-established shops and modern-day varieties. This combination creates a special vibe that can be felt as you explore the neighborhood. This is an excellent place to purchase Japanese souvenirs such as high-quality Japanese knives or Japanese paper and wander through the streets lined with businesses, office buildings, and small shops.

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