Free Wi-Fi in Japan

Any traveler knows the importance of free WiFi and in Japan, more and more WiFi hotspots are appearing. While it is more common to enjoy free WiFi in major cities like Kyoto and Tokyo, it is important to note that WiFi coverage can be limited in more remote areas of Japan.

For travelers that do not want to worry about constantly finding free WiFi, we recommend renting a mobile WiFi router. Many mobile WiFi routers can be picked up at the airport upon arrival or even delivered to a hotel making it easy and accessible to get connected. Here are a few tips for understanding and making the most out of free WiFi access in Japan.

free wifi in japan

Free Wi-Fi Access at the Airports in Japan

Whether at Haneda or Narita in Tokyo or the airports in Fukuoka, Osaka (KIX), Shubu, or Sapporo all of the airports offer free wifi readily. It is easy to log in but most require a quick registration to access the wifi. It is an unprotected connection in airports and for those who need security-protected access, this can be purchased. The airports also have many charging stations making it possible to plug in and charge devices while enjoying free wifi in Japan.

Free Public Wi-Fi in Japan

There are several free public wifi networks available throughout Japan and more continue to appear. Here is a list of some noteworthy free networks.

JR East Free Wi-Fi Service

For travelers making the most out of the Japan Rail, one perk is free internet. Simply look for the corresponding wifi name and JR station to log on. The service is not unlimited, and can only be used for up to three hours but it is possible to log in again after the three hours expires.

JR West Free Wi-Fi Service

Like the east service trains, the west also offers free wifi however it is less frequent. In order to use the JR West hotspot, users must get a guest code by email. Simply send to and receive the code via email.

NTT East Free Wi-Fi Japan

The NTT East Free Wifi Japan spans East Japan and it is free for up to two weeks. Service for this free wifi can be found in Hakone, Tokyo, Nagano, Nikko, Mount Fuji, Kusatsu, and Yokohama. Travelers must download a Japan Travel app to use the network. Install NAVITIME for NTT East Free. To access the ID and password, a visit to a few specific locations outlined in the app is necessary. Travelers can visit department stores, certain hotels, airports, tourist offices, and more to receive an ID card and password. The app also outlines all the hotspots.

free wifi in japan

Starbucks and Mcdonalds
Both Starbucks and McDonald’s are reliable for offerings free wifi in Japan. To learn more about other cafes to sit and work check out the best WIFI cafes to work from in Tokyo. For Starbucks, users need to register with the website first in order to access it.

Free Wi-Fi in Kyoto
For travelers in Kyoto, 24-hour free wifi service is available. Most of downtown Kyoto and the receiving area receives service for visitors to enjoy free wifi access.

Travel Japan Wi-Fi
This wifi network is specifically designed for tourists and visitors offering many free wifi hotspots throughout Japan. For travelers looking to upgrade and use the premium service, premium codes can be purchased from selected stores. Most Don Quijote convenience stores as well as Odakyu Department stores sell the upgrades for travelers.

Free Wi-Fi Access in Japan at Hotels

Depending on the type of hotel and location in Japan, the wifi options may vary. From Boutique Hotels to capsule hotels, Japan has plenty to offer. While most Western-style hotel establishments offer free wifi, they may only offer for a limited period (for example 24 hours and charge after). Always look in advance if the hotel you booked offers free wifi or wifi options as it is not always a given. Guests staying in traditional Ryokan or Onsen resorts may find it difficult to connect. If wifi access is essential, always look in advance as some Ryokans offer limited wifi access in main areas like the lobby. For those looking to disconnect a little, this can also be a welcome change.

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