Is Tap Water Safe To Drink in Japan?

Wherever you travel, it is always important to drink lots of water. After all, you need to stay hydrated to keep up with all the exploring and touring you’ll be doing. If Japan is your next destination, you’re likely wondering -is tap water safe to drink in Japan? Well, good news! The answer is yes, you can drink tap water in Japan! Throughout Japan, tap water is safe to drink and that includes the water found in parks, gardens, and public bathrooms.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Japan?

The tap water in Japan is very clean and drinkable. This is a reflection of the national-level purification process and infrastructure that provides high-quality tap water. In fact, Japan is known around the world for its clean drinking water. Most impressively, it ranks among the top 10 countries worldwide, along with Germany and Finland, for its tap water quality.

If you still prefer to drink bottled water when traveling around Japan, they are readily available in convenience stores or vending machines inexpensively. Bottled water in Tokyo can be either mineral water or bottles of cold Japanese tap water which are less expensive, and equally as good. We also highly recommend including a refillable water bottle on your Japan packing list. You’ll be able to fill up as you go at a variety of taps found throughout the country flowing with clean drinking water.

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