Do I Need an Electrical Adapter in Japan?

You’ve packed your phone, chargers, and laptop for your big trip to Japan and suddenly you’ve been hit with a daunting thought – what do Japanese outlets look like and do I need an electrical adapter? Hopefully, a quick Google search will have led you straight to this page, so we can be the ones to clear up this widespread concern. Put shortly, it’s highly likely that those visiting from the US will need an electrical adapter at some point during their trip to Japan. To understand why there’s no absolute answer to this query, keep reading for further explanation.

Type A and B Outlets in Japan

Japanese power outlets come in two varieties – type A and B. In the United States, power outlets are type B (see below). If you’re coming from the US, you will be able to fit your plugs anywhere there is a type B outlet as it is the same size and shape.

That being said, there are also matters of electrical voltage and frequency to consider. The standard voltage in Japan is 100V at 50/60 Hz while that in the United States is 120V at 60 Hz. These differences can sometimes cause damage to the device or result in a lower functioning performance. For this reason, we recommend purchasing a voltage & frequency converter to prevent issues. Hairdryers, curling irons, straightening irons, and other heated devices tend to overheat or not work properly unless used in conjunction with a voltage adapter in the electrical outlets in Japan. It’s worth noting that many hotels offer special equipment such as blowdryers to their guests.

electrical adapter in Japan

In Japan, you will also find type A power sockets (image below). These have space for just two prongs and therefore you will not be able to insert your three-pronged plug into it. In these cases, you will need an adapter – a 3-2 prong adapter to be more precise. Considering you will likely need a voltage/frequency adapter when using type B sockets, we recommend purchasing one travel adapter that does it all.

electrical adapter in Japan

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