Shinjuku Shopping Guide

Shopping in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo is a unique experience. Shinjuku is the perfect place to find the latest high street trends and bargains along with great places to eat. Shinjuku is the home of the department store and believe us when we say that the department stores in Tokyo are unlike any others, as our Shinjuku Shopping Guide will show.

With some stores boasting more than fifteen floors, it is easy to spend an entire day shopping in just one shop. Shinjuku shops have something for everyone from the latest gadgets to world-class designers, making it an ideal shopping district in Tokyo.

Guide to the best Shinjuku Shops

Shibuya Crossing

With 16 floors of fashion and food, Odakyu is a super-size department store in Tokyo. Odakyu connects shoppers directly to Shinjuku Station making it easily accessible to foreign visitors. This store contains everything from Hello Kitty gifts to evening couture and everything in between. Shoppers can rest mid-way for a bite to eat with a choice of over three floors of restaurants. This is an exciting department store that is worth visiting just for its sheer size.

Takashimaya Times Square

Another giant department store, Takashimaya Times Square has got all your needs covered over 15 floors. Despite its swanky glass exterior, Takashimaya Times Square actually dates back to 1831 when the site was home to a quaint kimono shop. Unlike other department stores in the area, Takashimaya boasts high-end names such as Tiffany and Luis Vuitton.

This department store is for those looking for something a little more luxurious. Foreign visitors can also receive a shopping reduction in the form of a Hello Kitty discount card which doubles up a nice souvenir. At the food hall, shoppers can get their hands on a variety of local favorites. The store also has its very own KitKat chocolatier where guests can find a gold leaf version of this Western favorite.

Takashimaya Times Square

Marui Shinjuku

Marui Shinjuku is a department store dedicated to Japan’s street fashion scene. All the favourite high street designers are located under one roof and this department store has gained a huge fan base, particularly with the youth sub-cultures.


This shop has combined two of Japan’s most popular high street retailers into one store for a unique shopping experience. Bicqlo is a combination of Bic Camera and Uniqlo. At Bicqlo visitors can find the popular Uniqlo clothing alongside high-tech gadgets. It is a fun gimmick that has enticed many shoppers from across the city and it fits in very well with Shinjuku’s department store scene.

Mylord Mosaic Street

After experiencing a few department stores, it is easy to become tired of seeing the same brands over and over again, not to mention the number of stairs, lifts, and escalators you will need to use. Mylord Mosaic Street is a popular street filled with a range of shops split across two levels.

The shops here tend to focus on Japanese brands and necessities including chopsticks and unique bath salts. Mylord Mosaic Street is a great place to find fun gifts for loved ones back at home.

Sanrio Gift Gate

Sanrio Gift Gate is a bright, family-friendly shop that is a little different from the other stores in Shinjuku. In order to find this shop just look out for the giant Hello Kitty statue at Shinjuku Station. For those who aren’t aware, Sanrio is the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty and Friends.

The shop is an ideal place for Sanrio fans as well as those who just want to find something with a splash of vibrant Tokyo spirit. The store is fairly large and sells a variety of gifts that are based on Sanrio characters. Even if you don’t wish to buy anything walking around the store is an enjoyable experience in itself. 

After your shopping trip, relax in one of the many cool bars Shinjuku has to offer.

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