Things to do on a rainy day in Tokyo

Japan is known for its rainy season which falls towards the beginning of June and into mid-July. However, the rainy season in Japan is quite warm, and humid and does not have a downpour every day. Some days are light but the sky is often overcast and grey. Don’t let the rain dampen your fun, here are some things to do on a rainy day in Tokyo.

Under my umbrella

Things to do on a rainy day in Tokyo

If you planned in advance for the rainy weather in Tokyo, chances are you packed a rain jacket or an umbrella. In case you didn’t, not to worry! You may actually want to purchase your umbrella while in Japan. You will see many locals with the large, clear umbrellas which make it easier to see. Also, you will notice that in many stores there are machines at the front that will wrap your umbrella in plastic for you, so you can walk around without dripping water. Umbrella culture in Japan is something unto itself, and you will certainly find an array of small, cheap, accessible umbrellas for purchase for a rainy day in Tokyo.

Visit a Museum on a rainy day in Tokyo

To get out of the Tokyo rain, why not spend the day indoors at one of the many museums found in the city. The Tokyo National Museum is the oldest Japanese national museum, and not only one of the largest art museums in the country, but also in the world. Originating in 1872, the museum showcases art and archeological findings and focuses predominantly on Japan. Another museum worth visiting on a rainy day in Tokyo is the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum housing fine art, photography and sculpture and the works of both local and world-renowned artists. The exhibitions are beautifully curated, and it is easy to spend a few hours here.

Relax at the Spa to escape Tokyo’s rain

What better way to relax your tired feet and body from all the sightseeing, than in a traditional Japanese spa? These Japanese bathhouses are categorized in Onsen and Sento which both offer a communal bath experience. Traditionally, onsens are supposed to be filed with natural volcanic spring water, and sento are filled with tap water that has been heated. In the tradition onsens, the volcanic water is mineral-rich and has healing properties. If you are looking to escape the gloomy rainy day in Tokyo, look for a Tokyo Bathhouse which is spa-like usually offering saunas, outdoor pools, and massages. The settings are very natural and serene, and a great way to relax and think of Tokyo’s rain outside as part of the cleansing process.

Shop til you drop

Shopping in Tokyo can be done rain or shine! On rainy days in Tokyo, however, check out Shinjuku underground. A variety of shops and stores all found underground meaning there is no need to step outside and get wet. First Avenue Tokyo Station also offers some great underground shopping in case it rains in Tokyo.

Things to do on a rainy day in Tokyo

Enjoy some Japanese Tradition

Why not enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony on a rainy Tokyo day? This is a special and unique experience and a way to connect to the traditional culture. Learning about the tea etiquette and practices involved along with the tea, the ceremony is deeply rooted in tradition. Some tea ceremonies will offer you a kimono to wear for the full experience, regardless of where you go, the tea ceremony is an insight into the culture and a nice way to connect and forget about the rainy day outside.

Play some video games

When it is a rainy day in Tokyo, a perfect indoor activity is at a Japanese arcade. Whether you are a gamer or not, it is worth checking out these impressive arcades. Japan is advanced in many ways, and when it comes to gaming, they are the leaders in the industry and it shows. Visiting a Japanese arcade is not only fun to play the games, but to also watch the hardcore gamers and their skills.

Sumo Wrestling Practise

Enjoy a rare opportunity to observe a sumo wrestling practice. One of the most popular sports in Japan, sumo wrestlers are embedded in the culture. Get up close and personal with the wrestlers by joining a Tokyo Sumo Wrestling practice. It may be raining outside, but in the wrestling stable, it will be hot. Join our Morning Sumo Experience in Tokyo and get up and close with these athletes. You’ll observe them practicing and learn about the remarkable traditions of the sport. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to take a picture with them!

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