Tokyo Nightlife Guide

The Tokyo nightlife has become world-famous, and although Tokyo is jam-packed with sights and fun things to do during the day, there is plenty to offer in the evening. The bright city lights of Tokyo set the scene for this city’s buzzing nightlife. From world-renowned high-tech nightclubs to singing along with locals in a karaoke booth, a night out in Tokyo is guaranteed to bring unique experiences.

Whether you want to dance the night away or fancy something a little more chilled out, this Tokyo Nightlife Guide is a great way to uncover all that Tokyo nightlife has to offer.

Clubs in Tokyo

Tokyo at night

With world-renowned DJs, swimming pools, and beaches all under the same roof, it is safe to say that Tokyo is where the party is at. The most popular clubbing district is Roppongi with an array of mega-clubs. The atmosphere here is slightly more sophisticated than other districts and many nightclubs have the capacity to hold over 2000 people meaning that there is a wild party atmosphere.

As the Tokyo metro closes at midnight, the area also offers free shuttle buses to Shibuya-Ku, connecting visitors to the city center. Shibuya is an energetic district that offers a range of music options. Whether you like trance, rock, or reggae, there is a nightclub in Shibuya to suit all tastes. For those who prefer something a little more low-key then there are many intimate nightclubs too.

Karaoke Bars in Tokyo

Singing along to a music video is a popular pastime in Japan and one that is certainly worth experiencing. The bustling district of Shibuya is the home of the karaoke bar. On almost every street in this district, there will be somewhere to sing your heart out. Karaoke bars are usually made up of private booths and are a fantastic way to celebrate special occasions.

Each booth holds around ten people and boasts disco lights and a fantastic range of songs to choose from. Karaoke is a laid-back, unique way to experience Tokyo nightlife and there are plenty of bars that offer drink and singing packages.

Tokyo Arcades

It may not sound like the average Friday night out but in Tokyo, a gaming arcade is a cool place to be. In fact, the entire city is brimming with arcades that are full of budding gamers. Each arcade is packed with rows and rows of well-loved video games including the all-time favourite Super Mario.

Whether you are a keen gamer, or, merely want to experience an alternative night out, Tokyo’s arcades offer tons of fun. While away the night competing against friends and maybe even win a Hello Kitty cuddly toy or two.

Tokyo Skyline nightlife

Alternative Tokyo Nightlife

To really uncover Tokyo’s nightlife, you’ll need to dig a little deeper. This city is full of alternative options. From dungeon diners to robot shows, Tokyo has it all. The Robot Restaurant is a 21st-century bonanza with lasers, glow sticks, and giant dancing robots. Put all this together with a bento box and you have one memorable Japanese night out. Other alternative experiences include an Arabian restaurant with belly dancing waitresses, and, a restaurant with ninja performances amongst an ancient castle setting.


For a social gathering with friends or something slightly more elegant, Tokyo has a host of bars to choose from. The city is also a huge fan of craft beer from Japan and has some fantastic pubs with a wide selection of beers on tap that are particularly popular with hipsters. These types of bars are best for a casual evening out and for those who enjoy beer tasting.

For Tokyo’s high-class city life, Ginza is the go-to area for exclusive cocktail bars. Here you will find some of the tastiest alcoholic concoctions in town accompanied by dazzling city views. If you are seeking to experience the city’s vibrant LGBT scene then the best place to go is Shinjuku Ni-chome where you will find hundreds of options, just be aware that some bars in this area only accept Japanese citizens.

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