Jogging in Tokyo

For travelers who like to go jogging or running, Tokyo offers some of the best running routes. Many locals, as well as tourists, enjoy the well-designed city paths that allow for optimal running experiences despite the dense population. To make the most out of jogging in Tokyo, here are some of the best routes and areas to check out.

Jogging in Yoyogi Park

Imperial Palace

One of the most popular parks and green spaces in Tokyo is Yoyogi Park. It is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a picnic, take a casual stroll, or go jogging in Tokyo. Yoyogi Park is very close to Omotesando, Shibuya, and Harajuku making it easy to access. There are also many paths for bikes as well so it is important for runners to be mindful. There are two running routes in the park, an inner loop and an outer loop with signs indicating. Runners in Yoyogi Park should bear in mind that it can be very full during weekends and holidays, creating large crowds. It’s also worth noting that runners are not permitted to enter the Meiji Shrine. This can be accessed via the right-side entrance to the park (after Harajuku station).

Imperial Palace

Centrally located, beautiful, and scenic, the Imperial Palace is one of the best spots for jogging in Tokyo. The 5 km loop circling the Imperial Palace offers runners a unique view of the historical buildings and gardens. One can run around the Imperial Palace during the day or even during the evening. This is a must for runners looking to enjoy an unusual and special running route that you can only do in Japan.

Arakawa River Trail Jogging Route

Situated in northern downtown Tokyo, the Arakawa River Trail is both a popular running and bike trail. It is paved and runs parallel to the river, creating a very scenic path for both runners and bikers. The Trail’s paved route is marked at each kilometer, making it easy to keep track. One of the best paths for jogging in Tokyo, the Arakawa River Trail path is also conveniently close to the subway making it easy to access from all parts of the city.

Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium

Built for the 2020 Olympics, the Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium is an indoor track now open to the public. The track is 60 meters and is both an impressive architectural space and an enjoyable track for runners. For rainy days in Tokyo, the indoor facilities make for a perfect jogging spot.

Running along the Tama River

tokyo tama river jogging running route

The Tama River is situated west of Tokyo and offers some of the best riverbank jogging in Tokyo. Scenic, especially during the spring, the Tama River is one of the most special places to view the cherry blossoms. This is the best option for those runners seeking a lengthy, uninterrupted, and quiet run removed from the busy city. The mostly-paved path also makes it an ideal place for cyclists. Some areas of the trail are gravel and separate into two sections.

Odaiba Waterfront Course

An idyllic run along the waterfront, the Odaiba Waterfront Course is on the island of Tokyo Bay, a manmade island. Runners can enjoy either a quick 3 km run, or push for a 5 km or 7 km run along the waterfront. The area has clearly marked maps making it easy to navigate and make the most out of the running route.

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