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10 Day Japan Itinerary

There’s truly no place like Japan. Here, the ancient and new coexist, seamlessly blending into an awe-inducing culture. Exploring the whole of this island nation can take years, but even a few days can be transformative. For the most comprehensive immersion, use this Japan 10 day itinerary as your road map. From peaceful shrines to the thrill of Shibuya crossing, you’ll experience the country’s renowned contrasts. And if the logistics feel overwhelming, book a multi-city 10-day tour to see and do it all with the expertise of a local guide. Regardless of how much time you have to explore, read on for Japan travel inspiration.

Day 1: Experience Japan’s Epicenter

tokyo skyline 10 day japan itinerary

Kick off your Japan 10-day itinerary by jumping right into the bustling epicenter. Whether you arrive at Haneda or Narita International Airport, choose a Tokyo hotel along the train line for convenience. Consider staying in Chiyoda, Shibuya, or Shinjuku to be strategically located for the next few days.

Once you settle in, dive into Japan’s renowned dining scene. Ramen is an excellent choice any time of day, and the Ultimate Ramen Tour lets you sample six varieties and get a deeper understanding of its cultural significance. Or, pop into an izakaya for casual dishes in a lively atmosphere. Closeout Day One by dipping into Tokyo’s incredible nightlife, with bars covering the spectrum from live music to arcades and nightclubs. 

Day 2: Tackle Your Tokyo Bucket List

tokyo japan itinerary shibuya crossing

Start the day with coffee or Japan’s signature matcha tea, then join thousands of pedestrians at the Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo’s iconic intersection. Make your way to the Meiji Shrine, a must on any 10 day Japan itinerary. Take in the tranquility of surrounding Yoyogi Park. Art enthusiasts, you’ll want to detour to the acclaimed Mori Art Museum

Then, immerse back into the youthful buzz of neighboring Harajuku. Hunt for vintage treasures on Takeshita Dori in the renowned shopping district, or walk to Ometesando for luxury goods. Next, marvel at the lights in Shinjuku and enjoy udon, another Japanese classic. Finish the evening in one of Shinjuku’s unforgettable bars.

Day 3: Learn About Ancient Traditions in Tokyo

tokyo cherry blossoms parks

Day Three is all about experiencing Tokyo’s traditional side. Start with a tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market, one of the world’s busiest. You’ll get to explore the market and learn the art of making sushi, seeing two very different but connected industries. 

En route to Asakusa, stop at Ueno Park. Especially beautiful in spring, it’s also home to some of Tokyo’s best museums. Continue to the oldest temple in the city, Sensoji, and book a tour to explore the ornate grounds while also learning its history. Afterward, stroll down Nakamise-dori for street food and souvenirs. Once the sun sets, head to the Tokyo Skytree for unforgettable city views.

Day 4: Kamakura Day Trip

tokyo to kamukara day trip

It’s time to leave the city behind and head to the beach. Centuries-old Kamakura offers a wealth of cultural attractions, complemented by delicious food and a relaxing coastline. The one-hour train ride from Tokyo to Kamakura is a breeze, so it’s easy to integrate into a jam-packed Japan 10 day itinerary. To make it even more hassle-free, book a Kamakura day tour with transportation from Tokyo included. 

Visit the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, discover the pristine gardens at Meigetsu-in, and snap a picture of the 11-foot-tall bronze Buddha at Kotoku-in Temple. Enjoy sunset and dinner at Shichirigahama Beach, Mt. Fuji serving as the perfect backdrop, then return to Tokyo.

Day 5: Marvel at Mt. Fuji in Hakone

hakone 10 day japan itinerary

Another day trip awaits, this one focused on Japan’s spectacular nature. Trains connect Tokyo and Hakone, known for jaw-dropping views of Mount Fuji. In Hakone, board an authentic, historic pirate ship on deep blue Lake Ashi. Insider tip: Book a morning tour for the best odds of catching Mt. Fuji with no clouds — a highlight of a 10 days in Japan itinerary. Stop for lunch, explore trails along the lake, and spend the night in a local Onsen or catch a train back to Tokyo.

Day 6: Step Back in Time in Kyoto

fushimi inari taisha shrine kyoto

Next up is traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital. Make the stunning, secluded Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine your first stop. After snapping photos, re-energize with some Matcha — Kyoto is especially famous for its ceremonial preparation of the drink. Include time to simply wander Gion’s alleyways, watching traditional geiko walk by. The food scene here is incredible, so book a Gion food tour for a sample of everything. Wrap up the night in Ponto-chō, exploring dimly lit bars under colorful lanterns. Both cities are also included in our 8-day tour package, and you don’t have to handle any of the travel logistics!

Day 7: Immerse in History & Food in Nara and Osaka

nara day trip deer

Known for its historical prominence as Japan’s first capital, Nara makes an easy day trip from Kyoto. This little-known gem is perhaps best known for the free-roaming deer, but there’s plenty to see. Head to Todaji, an astounding temple complex dating back to the 8th century. At the entrance, stop at one of the shops selling narazuke, a traditional Japanese pickle. Explore the Kasaguga Taisha shrine before heading to Osaka

This is Japan’s culinary capital, so come ready to sample street food from Takoyaki to Okonomiyaki. Cycle up to Osaka Castle, walk through the soaring billboards of Dotonbori Street, and then head back to Kyoto.

Day 8: Day trip to Hiroshima

Hiroshima Japan 10 day itinerary

If you’re still enchanted by Kyoto, spend another day exploring the city. Book a bicycle tour to visit further-flung sights like the Golden Pavilion and Nijo Castle. Then, eat your way through the vibrant Nishiki Market.

Alternatively, you can take the train to Hiroshima for the day. The city will forever be intertwined with atomic history; pay respects at Peace Memorial Park and Museum before strolling through the leafy boulevards. More nature and traditional shrines await at Miyajima Island, less than an hour from Hiroshima. Upon returning to Kyoto, unwind in the city’s Sake district.

Day 9: Say Goodbye to Kyoto and Reunite in Tokyo

arashiyama bamboo forest kyoto

Immerse in Kyoto one last time by exploring renowned Arashiyama in the morning. Walk through the bamboo grove and marvel at the UNESCO-protected temples of Saga-Arashiyama. Before the best 10 day Japan itinerary ends, treat yourself to an afternoon Kyo kaiseki. This traditional multi-course tasting meal is the perfect send-off before catching the train to Tokyo.

Once back in the mega-city, make your last night one to remember. Start back at the beginning in Shibuya, but this time at night. Drink the night away in cool cocktail bars or sing karaoke. 

Day 10: Wrap up Your Japan 10 Day Itinerary

Shimokitazawa district tokyo japan

In the blink of an eye, the Japan itinerary for 10 days wraps up. Re-fuel on coffee in the exuberant Shimokitazawa district. If your flight’s in the evening, take in Japan’s creativity on an art tour and enjoy one more Japanese meal. Try lesser-known dishes like gyūdon, then gaze at the skyscrapers and catch a train to the airport.

Book a Japan Travel Package for the Ultimate Adventure

Whether you love culture, prefer nature, or you’re a foodie, this 10 days in Japan itinerary has something for everyone. With so much to see and do (and eat and drink!), a package tour ensures that you can tackle it all. Whether it’s a week focused on the country’s flavor traditions or a deep dive into Tokyo’s historic neighborhoods, packages remove the stress while offering the most expertise. Plus, you’ll meet other travelers!

The Japan Golden Route stands out as a top choice for those visiting Japan for the first time. This pre-set itinerary covers the country’s most iconic attractions, making it the most efficient way to experience the must-see sights. If you’re planning a week-long trip, we suggest our 7-day Japan Golden Route Express Tour Package. This package will take you through the renowned route, offering a slightly abbreviated version of the itinerary. For those with more time to spare, we also offer a 12-day, 13-day, or 14-day Golden Route Tour Package, allowing you to explore the entire Golden Route comfortably and thoroughly.

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